Sample a Taste of Bite-Sized Learning: A Series – Week Three

 Returning for the final installment in the bite-sized learning blog series, this week we'll be looking at some sample schedules from my experience with bite-sized learning while teaching math in a middle school setting.

A Taste of Bite-Sized Learning: A Series - Week Three

If you would like to head back and check out weeks 1 and 2, just click here to check out what bite-sized learning is and why it began, or click here to see more than 5 ways to use bite-sized learning in your classroom.  In less than 5 minutes you can be caught up and jump back here for this final installment.

Although these schedules could be used across many subjects, the gist is the same.  Keep the activities flowing and allow for movement, creativity, and interaction between students as much as possible.  Our periods were 50 minutes long, but with just a few tweaks, these sample schedules, would work just fine for a 40 or 45 minute class or for a block schedule.  The real key is to use lots of different methods and modes when teaching.  It can be tiring, but once you do it for awhile, it becomes more routine and a little less exhausting.

A Taste of Bite-Sized Learning: A Series - Week Three

I hope you have enjoyed this series on bite-sized learning, and have gotten some ideas about how to use it in your classroom.  Let me know in the comments, if you plan to try it with your students.

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