Teaching Experience

Hey There! I'm Brittany. and I'm here to make your life as an educator simpler with comprehensive resource that get students hands-on with the material and having fun as they learn and grow. I loved teaching 6th grade for 17 years, and I know you can enjoy those big kids, too.

My Teaching Style

I love t make lessons engaging, hands-on, and interactive for my students. The more I can get the students involved, the better they'll learn. As I used to tell my students, the more senses you engage while learning, the more apt you are to remember what you learned. It's all about rigorous variety.

My Awards

I was teacher of the year in 2007 and am responsible for lessons loved by more than 30,000 teacher and more than half a million students.

My Educational History

I have a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from UW-Milwaukee with an emphasis in history and a minor in geography. I am certified to teach K-8 Elementary Education, as well as 6-12 Social Studies. Sixth grade is the best grade!

My Inspiration

When  I was 7 or 8 years old, I had a 2nd grade teacher that showed me the real effects a teacher could have on children's lives. I hope to be even half the educator she was. Thank you so much, Ms. Lopez!