Love Isn’t Always Easy

Love Isn't Always Easy - Learning How to Love Even When It's Hard

Things have been trying lately, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  See I'm married to my high school sweetheart as they call it, although I only knew him for a whole 9 weeks while we were actually in high school.  Our first date was June 2, 1988, on his last day of high school, and from that day on we were smitten.  We were engaged one month later, married four years later, and had our first child 2 years after that.  Twenty-three (married years) later we are still going strong, although now we sometimes have to work at it, to make things spark or sail or fly along.

Jeff and Brittany - Our Wedding Day


Love isn't always easy.  Some days it takes work.  Some days we disagree and have to reach a healthy resolution.  Some days one of us might just wake up disagreeable and the other person has to realize it's nothing personal.  Some days, weeks, or months (in this particular case) our job pulls us farther and farther away from one another and we have to know that it's all for the greater good; that the work being put in now will benefit us in the not too distant future.  We have to understand that if we can weather a few storms today, we can find shelter together in a beautiful tomorrow.  Love isn't always easy, but if it's love, you're willing to endure some hardships for the beauty, togetherness, and happiness that waits on the other side.


When I'm left to fill the void left by husband as he ventures off to his job, I work on another love of mine, albeit one that is not as torturous to the heart nor as consuming as my own profession – gardening.  I love to get my hands dirty and dig in the dirt.  I never wear gloves when I'm out there.  I'd much rather feel the dirt between my fingers even if I have to jump and squeal from the occasional spider or centipede.  I love the peace and quiet (and shade of my favorite garden) as I sit and weed for an hour or two every week.  I love the beauty that comes from the blooming flowers and the compliments from the neighbors.  It just all brings about a peace and a serenity that I don't often get in my life.

My Perennial Garden - Before & After

What isn't easy about this passion is that every year I have to start over because I stink at gardening so badly.  Even my favorite garden, which is a perennial garden, somehow manages to need starting over every year.  They're perennials because they're supposed to come back year after year, but not mine.  This beautiful garden that my husband built me has about 14 plants in it, and usually each year I must replant at least half the plants as I have somehow managed to kill them by not properly preparing them for the Colorado winter.  The plant industry must love people like me.

Interactive Notebooks

Another thing I love but yet takes a lot of energy, heart and soul in doing so, is my Interactive Notebooks.  I love creating Interactive Notebooks, or living books as we used to call them back when I started teaching.  I love getting kids involved, making lessons that are creative, and figuring ways to teach something with a flippable, foldable, or spinnable activity.  I love putting my lessons out there for others to use and considering the idea that hundreds or thousands of students could be learning about something because I made it accessible to them.  That's a pretty awesome feeling.

Egypt Interactive Notebook
With every Interactive Notebook, however, also comes a time where I hit a wall in my creativity, and I have to take a break from it before I explode.  I also find that it's not always easy to put my books out there.  With my own children being grown, these books are like my babies.  I'm invested in them and I've sunk so much of my time and energy, passion and creativity into them, it's like putting a piece of your soul out there to be criticized.  It can be hard to watch the reviews come in, but like everything you love…it's not always easy, but if it's truly something you love than it's worth it to make it better.

Do you have something in your life that you love, but it's not always easy?  Share in the comments below.

The Colorado Classroom Signature - Brittany

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