Sample a Taste of Bite-Sized Learning: A Series – Week One

The world of education is changing.  Attention spans are getting smaller.  Digital screens are replacing paper pages.  Personalized plans are meant for everyone.  Self-paced learning is sweeping through classrooms.  When all that intersects together, what we get is bite-sized learning. 

Sample a Taste of Bite-Sized Learning: Week 1

This blog post kicks off a series on bite-sized learning presented in a bite-sized format.  Over the next few weeks, I will present various information on bite-sized learning, such as what it is, when it began, why we use it, what are some examples, how I put into practice in my classroom, and more.  By absorbing the material in the following posts, you will be able to learn about both the content and structure of bite-sized learning, as well as the application and processes applied.

What is Bite-Sized Learning - An Infographic

Make sure to return next week, Week 2 in the Series, to learn about different types and styles of bite-sized learning, and how you can use them in your classroom, as well as Week 3 to see samples of it in practice in a classroom.

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