Ancient Rome Social Classes

An Ancient Rome social classes lesson that helps your students learn the differences between patricians, plebeians, & enslaved. Scroll down for more!


This Ancient Rome social classes and structure lesson is a resource that will help your students learn the differences between the social classes – patricians, plebeians, and the enslaved. It also teaches them the role of women in society. Help your kids understand how Rome’s class structure influenced their government with this informative, engaging, low-prep lesson which comes in both print and digital formats.

Ancient Rome Social Classes PDF Lesson Includes:

  • Lesson Suggestions
  • Important Teacher Note
  • Reading Discussion Questions
  • 2-Page Reading in B&W and Color
  • Photographic Examples
  • 3 Class Mix and Match Activity + Answer Key in B&W and Color Version 1
  • 3 Class Mix and Match Activity + Answer Key in B&W and Color Version 2
  • Reflective Opinion Writing Piece
  • Total: 15 PDF Pages

Ancient Rome Social Classes Digital Lesson Includes:

  • Build Your Own Cover
  • 4-Page Reading with Annotation
  • Vocabulary Area
  • Reading Discussion Questions
  • Class Sorting & Attributes
  • Class Tier Activity
  • Reflective Opinion Writing Piece
  • This digital lesson comes in a semi-flattened PPT file, so you can import or upload it to your LMS if you use something other than Google™.
  • The digital file also comes pre-loaded and ready to go in Google Slides™.
  • The digital file also includes directions to assist you in loading it into your Classroom.
With this purchase, you will receive a zipped file with 2 PDFs and 1 PPT file, and a link to your digital file. Please make sure you can unzip files before purchasing. Thank you!
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