Positive Behavior Passes for Kids

Celebrate the behavior you wish to see in your students with positive behavior passes for kids!  Available in 10 styles/colors, and then duplicated in white, these 10 cards allow kids to skip an assignment, sit by a friend, get a treat of their choosing, and more.  Scroll down for more!


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Ten positive behavior passes for kids feature bright and colorful cards to reward students in a variety of ways for a job well done.  Hand them out when you see students on their best behavior, or hold raffles and allow students to win them as prizes.  The choices are yours.  From passes that effect grades to seating assignments, treats, and positive calls home, these passes really let kids know that you care.  Also available in a style with a white background to save on ink and printing costs, these cute and funny pre-teen/teenager appropriate cards are great for upper elementary and middle school students and feature just the right amount of sass.


Positive Behavior Passes Included at this Time:

  • Sit in the Teacher’s Chair
  • Sit by a Friend
  • Treat of their Choice
  • Listen to Music in Class
  • A Positive Note/Call Home
  • 10 Points of Extra Credit
  • Retry an Assignment
  • Skip an Assignment
  • Drop a Score
  • Use Notes on a Test


This download will include a 34-page printable PDF.  Please make sure you are capable of downloading these types of files prior to purchasing.


If you’d like to learn more about utilizing Positive Behavior Passes in your classroom, as well as the assertive discipline model, check out this blog post on Positive Classroom Culture.


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