Google Classroom…Revolutionizing Education

If you know anything about me and the products I create, you know I love interactive notebooks or living books as we used to call them back in the day.  The cutting, gluing, folding, and synthesizing of information is all right up my alley.  But folks, there’s a new game in town and it’s revolutionizing education.  It’s Google Classroom.

Google Classroom...Revolutionizing Education

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you might want to check out this great demo video that Google created to explain it.

As more and more schools head to the 1:1 classroom, Google Classroom is going to be there.  It’s fabulous for the disorganized students who never seem to have their materials or always seem to lose their rough draft the day you go to work on the final, because everything is stored on the Google Drive.  There are no more lost papers, no copy lines, no more prep – Google has got you covered.

But even better than that…Google doesn’t just have to be for writing anymore.  There’s now a whole army of teachers out there creating new lessons for the Google Classroom platform and they’re differentiated, dynamic, and diverse in content.  Just by searching Google Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, you are lead to a whole world of new lessons to fit virtually any subject matter you may teach.

As for myself, I have started to turn my interactive notebooks into Google Classroom lessons.  I’ve only just begun, but I love the possibilities and the dynamic new way of bringing education into student’s hands.  You know students love their technology, so melding education and technology together is a necessary way to garner their attention and thus get the learning across.

Get to Know Greece Geography Digital Product

Get to Know Greece Geography Example
Get to Know Greece Geography Example

My first Google Classroom product is my very popular Get to Know Greece Geography, as seen above.  This 30+ page resource features a slideshow presentation of Greece and its various geographical attributes.  When the teacher presents this slideshow the students can complete a cloze note guide that follows along with the presentation.  Students are then asked to drag and drop map labels to label various features such as islands, seas, cities, and more.  The great thing about the Google Classroom is that unlike a conventional map which gets written on once and is used up, the students can practice labeling over and over until they have it down pat.  When the learning has been mastered, a study guide and test are provided to assess mastery of this geography unit.

I’ve also recently introduced Ancient Greece: The City State in a Google Classroom version.

Greece City States Digital Product

Feel free to check them out and see if they help revolutionize learning in your classroom.

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Get to Know Greece Geography - Digital Lesson


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