Colorado Landforms Unit – Colorado State History

Do you want to teach your students about the four landforms of Colorado? What about the plants and animals of each landform? The landscape? Scroll down for more!


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Do you want to teach your students about the four Colorado landforms? What about the plants and animals of each landform? The landscape?


This hybrid, paper and digital unit, covers Colorado’s landforms with an informative article and six other activities that allow your students to get to know each landform and what makes it unique. Students will be asked to read, label, color, compare, contrast, categorize, take notes, analyze, examine, and create.


This lesson meets the 4th-grade state standards for Colorado landforms and some of those listed for 3rd-grade geography.


This Colorado Landforms Unit Includes:

  • Teacher Notes
  • Differentiated Reading Article on Colorado Landforms (2 Levels)
  • Landform Map
  • Compare & Contrast Landforms Analysis
  • Plant, Tree, and Animal Categorization Activity
  • “Where Are the Buffalo?” Reading and Notes Activity
  • Landforms vs Regions Activity*
  • Salt Dough Map Creation
  • Everything above in Black and White (student copies/PDF form)
  • Everything above in Full-Color options (PDF form)
  • Everything above in Full-Color Answer Keys (PDF form)
  • Everything above already prepared in Google Slides™
  • Everything above in a semi-flattened slide master in case you use Microsoft Teams or something else as your LMS (PPT form)
  • A 5-page guide on how to use Google Classroom
  • Total: 62 Printable PDF Pages, 19 PPT Pages, 19 Digital Pages

*  This activity does require knowledge of Colorado’s regions in order to complete it.


You will receive a zip file, in which you will receive 2 PDF files, 1 PPT file, and a link to the Google Drive™ file. Please make sure you are able to download and extract files prior to purchasing this unit. Thank you!


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