Digital Interactive Timelines

Allow yourself and students to see the world through timelines with this digital interactive timeline.  With pre-typed timelines and a blank version, too, you can quickly add pictures and years and be transported backwards in time.  Scroll down for more.


This digital interactive timeline allows you and your students to make visual timelines in a snap.


Timelines are ready and available in segments by the thousands or hundreds.  Also included is a blank timeline.  By adding textboxes you can easily cover any period you want to showcase.  Simply add some tick marks, some visual pictures from the web for reference, and you’re ready to go!


This interactive timeline resource is compatible with Google Slides,™ and also comes in a flattened PowerPoint™ version.  By quickly and easily importing the PPT version, it can be added to Microsoft Teams™ or any other LMS.


When you download, you will receive a zipped folder in which you will receive a PDF, a PPT file, and a link to the Google Drive™ file.

Please make sure you are capable of downloading and unzipping these types of files prior to downloading.  Thank you!


You might find that this interactive timeline works great with Digital Interactive Notebooks, explained here.


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