Ordering Rational Numbers Card Sort

In this Ordering Rational Number Card Sort, students should sort 20, 40, and/or 60 cards by fractions, decimals, and percents.  Then cards should be ordered from least to greatest order to show a true understanding of rational numbers.  Scroll down for more!


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Try this Ordering Rational Numbers Card Sort with your 4th, 5th, or 6th-grade math students.  Have students sort these cards into decimals, fractions, and percents.  Use 20, 40, or all 60 cards depending on the age and abilities of your students.  Once all cards are sorted, then have students place the cards in order from least to greatest to show they understand ordering rational numbers.


If you use all 60 cards, you can also play a matching game.  Students try to locate one card of each form, all of which have the same value.  It’s an incredibly versatile way to get students to use rational numbers over and over.  They work hands-on, collaborate with others, reason, and more.



  • Directions for the Teacher (2 Pages)
  • Decimal, Fraction, Percent Cards to Sort (3 Pages)
  • Decimal, Fraction, Percent Pockets (1 Page)
  • Answer Keys (1 Page)
  • Various Sorting Mats (6 Pages)


Card Sorts are a versatile teaching method that gets kids thinking.  By working hands-on, preferably in small groups, students work on collaboration and reasoning skills.  They also master many topics by thinking logically and finding patterns in their world.


To learn more about the Card Sort and how to use them, check out this blog post!


To see the difference with an open-ended sort, give this resource a try. – Open-Ended Practice Card Sort


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