Pi Day Activity Bundle

This Pi Day Activity Bundle has everything you need for March 14 in one place. With 35 activities and items, teach all learners about pi!  Scroll down for more!

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Want to celebrate Pi Day this March, but don’t know where to start? This jam-packed Pi Day Activity Bundle includes everything you need to celebrate Pi Day. With 35 activities and items, it has all you need for a fun, educational, and mathematical day celebrating circles, spheres, and pi.


Save over 20% with this great time-saving bundle of fabulous activities.


Pick and choose your favorite activities for an afternoon of fun. Build math station rotations and have your entire grade level participate. Or find something in between. Everything is possible with this activity bundle.


Pi Day Activity Bundle includes in every packet:

  • Pi Day Explanation
  • Materials List
  • Pi Day Banner
  • Station Numbers
  • Round Buffet Letter to Parents
  • Certificates


The Pi Day Crafts Packet includes:

  • Bracelets and Keychains Activity
  • Create a Pi Mobile
  • The Great Paper Chain Race
  • Pi Day Quilts – Small & Large
  • Circle Art
  • Pi Day Coloring Page
  • Pi Stained Glass
  • Pi Day Stem


The Pi Day Math Packet includes:

  • The Magical Mystery Ratio
  • Making a Bar Graph of the First 100 Digits of Pi
  • Finding Pi
  • Circumference vs. Height
  • Pi Web Quest Scavenger Hunt
  • Circles and Parallelograms
  • Knowing the Parts of a Circle
  • Exploring the Magical Ratio


The Pi Day Inquiry Packet includes:

  • Searching Pi for Yourself
  • Pi Day Logic Grid Puzzle
  • Voluminous Tubes Experiment
  • Exploring Circumference and Diameter
  • Moebius Strips
  • Testing Buffon’s Needle Experiment
  • Constructing Circles with 3 Points
  • Albert Einstein Article and Comprehension Questions


The Pi Day Activity Bundle Bonuses include:

  • Fun with Circles Word Scramble
  • Fun with Circles Word Search
  • Solving Circles Crossword
  • “Pi” Word Challenge
  • Make a Piem
  • Simon Pis
  • Memorize Pi
  • Make Music with Pi


You will receive 4 printable PDFs when you download this resource. Please make sure you can download and receive these types of files prior to purchasing. Thank you!

154 printable PDF pages



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