Pi Day Inquiry Activities

Have your students think, apply knowledge, and come up with out-of-the-box thinking with these Pi Day Inquiry Activities for March 14. Scroll down for more!


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Would you like students to explore the logic and oddity of circles in your math classroom this March? This Pi Day Inquiry Activities packet will allow your students to venture into the world of circles and expand their thinking with fun experiments and out-of-the-box thinking. This resource is print only.


This Pi Day Inquiry Activities Packet includes:

  • Pi Day Explanation
  • Materials List
  • Pi Day Banner
  • Station Numbers
  • Round Buffet Letter to Parents
  • Searching Pi for Yourself
  • Pi Day Logic Grid Puzzle
  • Voluminous Tubes Experiment
  • Exploring Circumference and Diameter
  • Moebius Strips
  • Testing Buffon’s Needle Experiment
  • Constructing Circles with 3 Points
  • Albert Einstein Article and Comprehension Questions


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42 printable pages



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