Aztecs 2-Headed Serpent

Make your own beautiful 2-headed serpents, just as the Aztecs, with this template, directions, and example. Use yarn, tissue paper, markers, or many other crafting supplies to make your serpents come alive with this fun and beautiful craft. Scroll down for more.


The Aztecs used 2-headed serpents throughout their lives; the 2-headed snake held special meaning to the Aztecs and they worshipped it as a symbol of one of their most special gods.  One of their most treasured two-headed serpents was possibly even gifted to Hernan Cortes just before he destroyed their empire. This beautiful work of art now resides in the British Museum.


Students can use the 2-headed serpent template and instructions in this lesson to create their own works of art.  Grab some stiff paper or cardboard, yarn, tissue paper, markers, and more to create beautiful serpents of your choosing.  All so the power and importance of the serpent continues to live on.


This lesson includes:

  • Two-headed serpent template
  • Suggestions for decoration


Total: 2 Printable PDF Pages



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