Albania Geography

Learn about Albania geography, its culture, and themes with this comprehensive resource available in both print and digital formats.  Complete with PowerPoints, maps, Google™ compatible items, etc., your students will learn for days. Scroll down for more!


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This comprehensive resource on Albania geography will help you teach this small but dynamic southeastern European country to your students. With maps, checklists, guided notes, slideshows, a hexagonal activity, and so much more, you’ll have plenty of material to keep your students learning for days. And even better, it’s available in both print and digital!


This Geography of Albania resource includes:

  • An 8-page Digital Directions packet to help you with all things Google.
  • A 12-slide Google Slide™ compatible version of all the material outlined below
  • A Google Sheets™ resource that helps you grade maps and prints summary grade sheets for students
  • A Google Forms™ compatible 20-question multiple-choice question and answer task
  • A 38-slide Slideshow on Albania geography – comes in a Google Slides™ compatible version, a printable or projectable PDF version, and a PPT™ version
  • A 29-page Workbook in a printable PDF format with the material outlined below
  • A 12-slide PPT™ version of the material outlined below


Workbook & Digital Slides Include:

  • Political Map of Albania (PDF, Google™, PPT™)
  • Physical Map of Albania (PDF, Google™, PPT™)
  • Challenging Physical Map of Albania (Google™, PPT™)
  • Checklist for Map Assessment (PDF)
  • Cloze Notes (PDF, Google™, PPT™)
  • 2-Column Notes (PDF, Google™, PPT™)
  • Basic Albania Geography Q&A (PDF)
  • Hexagonal Thinking Activity (PDF, Google™, PPT™)
  • Study Guide (PDF, Google™, PPT™)
  • Exam (PDF, Google™, PPT™)
  • Full-color Answer Keys (PDF)


You will receive a .zip file with numerous files enclosed. Please make sure you know how to download and unzip these types of files prior to purchasing. Thank you!

Start with file 01 upon opening.


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