History Minute – The First Thanksgiving Reading and Math Activities | Thanksgiving Mini Unit

Cover the First Thanksgiving respectfully, without losing valuable class time, with this reading & math activities print & digital mini-unit.  Scroll down for more!


Cover the First Thanksgiving respectfully, without losing valuable class time on trivial crafts. This math and reading print and digital activity features a two-page reading passage on the first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621 when the pilgrims celebrated their first harvest in the new world. Read about their relationship with the Wampanoag Native Americans and the real menu of Thanksgiving.


The reading passage connects to a cross-curricular integrated history and close reading lesson with material for geography and math as well, allowing you to integrate and differentiate all in one Thanksgiving mini unit. This no-prep packet is great for sub plans or bell ringers and is just one lesson in a series, called History Minutes.


Included in this Thanksgiving resource:

  • How-to Guide
  • 2-Page 6th Grade Reading Passage on the First Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Annotation Guide
  • 5-Step Close Reading Activity
    • Main Idea – What is the main idea and how do we know that?
    • Vocabulary – Explore and learn new vocabulary
    • Reading Comprehension Questions – Dive into the nitty-gritty of the text
    • Prove Your Idea – Read for inference and show where the proof lies
    • Writing – Write for a given prompt
  • Guided Notes
  • Geography Lesson – “Where does the story take place?”
  • Math Lesson – “How does that work?”
  • Smart Scribbles
  • Word Puzzles
  • Everything in a black & white (grayscale) version
  • All Answer Keys
  • Everything is now included in a Google Slides™ compatible format
  • Everything is also included in a semi-flattened PowerPoint™ format in case you teach in a different LMS


For The First Thanksgiving, you will receive a .zip folder in which there are two PDFs, 1 Google Link, and 1 PPT file. Please make sure you are able to download and extract these types of files prior to purchasing. Thank you!


✏️Teachers like you are saying:

“Fun project to work on with my students.”

“Covered more than needed (in a good way). Students enjoyed.”

“Fit in perfectly with our colonial times unit! Thank you!”


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