Aztecs Hot Chocolate Drink

Think you know hot chocolate? Try this famous beverage like the Aztecs used to drink it with this fun recipe and suggestions.

With just five ingredients you can enjoy a hot (or cold) beverage like the Aztecs of long ago, including the spicy kick. Scroll down for more.


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The Aztecs discovered chocolate and used it to make both hot and cold beverages.  They introduced it to Hernan Cortes, who added vanilla and sugar to it, and sent the recipe and beans back to Europe to be enjoyed by the citizenry there. Now you can enjoy Aztec hot chocolate too!


With just five ingredients, you can follow the recipe and try this well-known treat in a new and unique way.  Don’t forget the cayenne pepper!  Included are also some popular suggestions to make your treat a little bit extra special.  You will need:

  • Water or milk
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Brown Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Cayenne Powder


Comes in both black and white and as a full-color page.


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