Mental Health Digital Check In Form

Get a gauge on your student’s mental health and well-being with this warm up activity and questionnaire.  By asking three simple questions you can have a pretty good read on who is doing well, who might need help, and who may need to see a counselor.  Scroll down for more!


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This Google Forms™ compatible mental health questionnaire will allow you to make a quick assessment of your students.

See how they’re feeling each day with just 3 simple questions that your students can answer in less than 5 minutes.

Get a great gauge on who is doing well, who is struggling, and who may need further help.

You can always edit the form further as well and add your own questions too.

On top of it, this form features beautiful graphics, bright and lively fonts and colors, and has an engaging appeal.

Download your link today and use it whenever you like.


If you’d like to know how I use this form, check out this blog post on Classroom Warm Up Activities.


To read about promoting good mental health in your students, check out this post on Mindfulness in the Classroom.

For a real look at what Teaching with Depression can be like, check out this post for actionable steps you can take.


*I am not a doctor and do not claim to be.  I am simply speaking from experience and my own knowledge and trying my best to help.  You must use your best guidance, insight, and common sense.  You may wish to consult with a school psychologist or an actual doctor.


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