Descriptive Writing Activity with Shapes – 8 Shapes to Boost Student Writing

Students love this Descriptive Writing – Shapes activity because they can be creative!  Scroll down for more!


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Students love this Descriptive Writing Activity with Shapes because they can be creative!

This writing activity is a great exercise to bring basic shapes to life by describing them with strong verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Students will take one of seven basic shapes (triangle, circle, rectangle, etc.) and describe them in order to make a picture in the reader’s mind. A triangle isn’t just a triangle; it’s really a hot, juicy slice of pizza with bubbling cheese that drips down the side. After writing descriptive paragraphs, students are asked to color and decorate the shape to make it resemble the words they crafted.

The goal is to write a descriptive paragraph that is detailed and creative so the reader forgets it’s a basic shape.

In short, this writing activity is a great way to get your students thinking creatively about basic ideas.


Overall, this descriptive writing activity includes the following:

  • Seven basic shapes with instructions
  • An eighth page where students can make their own shape
  • Certificates to award the best writer for each shape
  • Digital versions, as well as printable PDF versions
  • A flattened PowerPoint version for uploading into MSTeams or another LMS
  • Total: 29 printable PDF pages + 17 flattened PPT pages + 17 digital pages


This descriptive writing resource comes as a .zip file which contains one printable PDF file and one semi-editable PowerPoint file. Please make sure you know how to download and unzip files before purchasing. Thank you!



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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Fantastic resource! Thanks! :)”


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