Digital Scavenger Hunt perfect for Back to School and a fun Learning Activity

This Digital Scavenger Hunt perfect for back to school and a fun learning activity is a great way to get to know your students!

Students will search for up to 36 pre-selected items while taking photos and digitally inserting them to show what they found on their scavenger hunt.  Scroll down for more!



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This Digital Scavenger Hunt is the perfect learning activity for back to school!


Easily download the digital scavenger hunt template to assign in your Google Classroom. Then, watch students get started! Have students learn Google Classroom skills, such as uploading photos, cropping and rotating photos, resetting items, and more.


Have kids find up to 36 pre-selected items. For instance, they will look for “something you’re proud of”, “a comfy place to sit”, “something round”, etc. If you want to add anything, use the editable version to add 4 or more items, by just duplicating the page.


Get real creative and assign them one page per week to complete. By the end of the first quarter, you’ll have a great idea of who your students are.


Then, students will digitally insert the pictures to show what they found on their scavenger hunt. Each slide provides 4 sticky notes with an area for students to upload their images. So easy!


In short, this Digital Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to get to know your students at back to school time while they get to play a fun game and engage in a learning activity that teaches them how to use Google Classroom!


Overall, this Digital Scavenger Hunt includes:

  • A title page
  • 1-page of what’s included
  • 1-page of what you need + how to use Google Slides
  • 2-pages of step-by-step directions 
  • 1-Page of benefits of Google Classroom
  • Digital Scavenger Hunt download (10 Google Slides)
  • Total: 15 pages


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If you would prefer to buy this on TPT, please visit this link: Digital Scavenger Hunt


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