Reflection Materials

These end of year or class reflection materials will help you assess your position as a teacher and look at ways to improve for the future.


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These reflection materials are a fantastic way to evaluate your year or class and improve your systems, assignments, contributions, and self.

Reflection Materials Include:

  • 10-Question Google Form™ evaluation for students
  • Printable PDF evaluation for teachers
  • Instructions packet on using Google Classroom™ and the benefits of Google™.


The materials include a 10-question Google Form™ evaluation for students to reflect on the class. Also included is a printable PDF for you to review your own performance. Set new goals with these reflection materials there to help you review the year and make a plan for the year to come.


10 Pre-created questions ask students about favorite units, assignments, teaching performance, and ways to improve. Google Forms™ are editable once you make a copy, however. So change the reflection materials questions to make the survey into anything you would like it to be.


The printable PDF asks the teacher to evaluate what went well, challenges, changes, and goals for the future.


You will receive a PDF, in which you will receive directions for Google Forms™ and Classroom™, as well as a link to redeem your digital file. Also included is the printable PDF evaluation form for teachers. Ensure you can download and extract files before purchasing. Thank you!



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